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- Olives -

The 6 500 olive trees planted in 2012 were made up from the following cultivars: Frantoio, Koroneiki, Coratina, Mission, Noccelara, Manzanilla, Leccino, Kalamata, FS-17 and Don Carlo. The cultivars provide a good variety of cultivars for the production of both table olives and olive oil.


The trees were mainly planted in the very fertile soil along the rivers and with the added bonus of clear mountain water the trees grew vigorously. It is with great excitement that we announce the start of our 2017 olive harvest. This is our second harvest, after having an extremely successful, and quite unexpected, harvest in 2016.

Harvesting the olives from our farm is a labour of love. Picking the small fruits by hand is time consuming and labour intensive, but when the fresh, green, pure oil starts to flow from the press and the aroma of crushed olives fills the air, you know that it is all worth it.

Our Extra Virgin olive oils are blended from the different olive varieties grown on the farm to create distinctive oil, bursting with aromas and penetrating flavours – ideal for enhancing various food dishes. The black and green table olives are naturally cured in brine and are beautifully fleshy and tasty.

It is amazing how trees that only 5 years ago were so small that the bushbuck and duiker ate their leaves are now 3.5m tall and bearing beautiful olives.






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