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- Our Story -

The Wentzel family's pride and joy.


Tucked away in Klaasvoogd West Valley in the Robertson district, in the foothills of the Langeberge, you find the picturesque farm Vredelus, home of Exdiem Wines and Olives.

The farm is blessed with pure mountain water, two rivers, very fertile soil and wonderful mountain views.


The Wentzel Family acquired the farm in 2011. The farm then had 15 ha of vineyards and 20 ha of open land where previously apricots and pears were grown. In the first year all their energy and passion went into developing the open land and 6 500 olive trees were planted. These trees are growing vigorously and soon the farm will be producing table olives and olive oils, too.


The following year attention was turned to the vineyards. With the help of winemaker Lourens van der Westhuizen the existing vineyards were evaluated and only 6ha vineyards were retained. Some of the vines were quite old, (established in 1988 and 1985) and the vines were severely pruned back to remove as much old wood as possible and then the Double Guyot method of pruning to encourage renewal. In 2014 the first wines, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc and a Rose were made from the grapes grown on the farm. This is the beginning of an exciting future for Exdiem Wines. The team, winemaker and owners, are committed to producing excellent grapes and to make stunning wine.

“ Time is the artist.” 

 -   Unknown  -

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